Monday, March 18, 2013

Can you hear me now?!

Well, Daddy went to go get the hearing aides with Grandma Brenda while I worked on the 14th of March!  I was kind of a mess that day at work because I so wanted to be there, in case there was a huge reaction.  I had actually sort of planned to be off at 3 that day as my aunt and uncle were also coming into town for a night and I hadn't seen them in years!!  I planned dinner with them and my parents and was so excited that they would get to see the hearing aides and everything too!  Well, the day didn't go as planned (as usually happens) and I ended up cancelling dinner and hoping I'd make it the next morning to see my family.

I worked until almost 8pm that day and when I heard from Daddy about Harmony's hearing aides, he said it wasn't that great.  He said the earmolds didn't fit and he would show me everything they got at the appointment when I got home.  I got home just in time to put Big Sister Liberty to bed and then Daddy showed me everything!  They gave us a little pack of all the hearing aide "stuff" we needed.  Cleaner, batteries, some paperwork.  They even gave us a book and puppet to explain to other kids what the hearing aides were for.  We ordered some trendy zebra striped hearing aides with bright pink molds.  We ended up getting clear light pink molds because the bright pink doesn't come as little as she is.  But that's ok.

Well, she was recasted for her molds and this time we will get them sent directly to us in about a week and a half.  Hopefully they won't be too small again.  Right now we only use them when she's laying flat and we know they won't fall out or get lost somewhere.  If I can figure this out, here is a video of Harmony trying out her hearing aides at home.

We did end up getting to see my family members the next morning and showing the hearing aides off a little! 

We also got to use them at a birthday party we went to this past weekend and she seemed to really like it!! 

It's weird, we haven't had a doctor's appointment since then, and I have been off 4 days in a row (I go back tomorrow morning!)!  This has been a great weekend!!  We have an ultrasound coming up this Friday to make sure there was no scarring from the UTI that Harmony had about 3 weeks ago.  We don't go back to GI for about 2 weeks!!  Hopefully everything continues to go well! 

Until we have more info...thanks for keeping up with Harmony's Smiles!! 

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